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How to wear jeans and denim this spring

denim camapaign

Jeans and denim have been enjoying quite a moment for the past few seasons, and the trend continues this spring with fashion-forward new takes on the classic. We’ve got some pointers on how you can continue to keep it fresh in the coming months. 

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5 stylish active wear trends for fitness freaks

Activewear for all

February is all about digging deeper within yourself and making sure you continue to ace those fitness resolutions you made back in January. Part of finding motivation to keep up your gym routine is the opportunity to flaunt some cute new gym gear. Prints are in for women, while muscle tees always have the men looking cool as they lift weights.

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6 trends we are loving this spring

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – time to stock up on new spring fashion. Not sure what to pick? This cheat sheet will help you nail your looks for the season.

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Top 5 winter trends for 2018

winter collection

We love winter in this region – it’s when we get to be outdoors 24/7, with lots of cool events popping up around us. Plus, we get to layer up in style! So what are the key winter trends this season? What cold-weather essentials should you have in your wardrobe? 

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Get Ready to Travel this summer with Max

Summer traveller new collection

If you booked your ticket to have a blast this summer. You’ve got to pack the bag right for all those summer days and nights abroad!
Find the best summer fit for your upcoming travels with the Summer Traveler collection from Max. And here is a quick glimpse of what this collection has to offer.
The word cool is an understatement when it comes to this smart casual look from the Summer Traveler collection at Max. Look like a stylish tourist with this beige jacket matched smartly with the denim shorts to get the right summer vibes.

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Glow up with Max’s New Collection

Ramadan collection

Max’s New Ramadan Collection will help get stunningly ready for this eventful season.

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Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing collection

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life  and full of possibilities, especially if you are waiting for your first child. You must get everything prepared for the little one coming. As your body transforms from month to month, you should always get the comfy and soft maternity clothing.

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Caravan adventure: 5 inspirational outfits.

Caravan collection

To all the new Max mommas out here, if you’re excited for your child’s shopping spree, The Caravan Adventures collection is here to cater to that need!
A new collection by Max dedicated to all kids with an adventurous lifestyle.

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Fashionable footwear for your winter wardrobe!

Even in the cold days of winter, every woman wants to look modern and stylish. Dresses, jackets, coats are must-haves but of course, fashionable footwear are an indispensable part of the female wardrobe.

Here are some of the trends for this winter season!

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Winter florals with an edgy vibe!

Floral patterns have always been linked to spring and summer, but this season they’re being fabulously woven into the fall mix. As summer styles come in soft pastels and delicate floral bouquets, the winter florals have a bit of an edgier vibe. They add pattern to your true solids, and mix a little color into an all-black wardrobe.

Check out some of the gorgeous winter floral outfits, along with a little style advice on how to wear them!

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