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You sleep for eight hours, do it in style!

Who doesn’t love throwing on their pajamas as soon as they come through the front door? Let’s face it, no one can resist the idea of cozying up in their favourite PJs.


The best part of it is that women’s sleepwear is not all about tatty sweats. These days you can be as stylish by night as you are by day.


There is such a wide collection of different types of sleepwear, from the classic nighties to camisoles and boy shorts. Check below the most common styles and choose your favourites:



Old school looks never die, and nighties are every woman’s favorite. You can upgrade your plain nightie to stylish embroidery, printed, lace pattern nightie.



Shorts set

They make your nights even more comfortable and fashionable. Short sets are a fusion of allure and nonchalant look, especially if you choose the lace and printed styles. The coolest thing about shorts set is that it complements everyone flawlessly.



Pyjama set

Pyjamas are a strict wardrobe staple. It is impossible not to own a pyjama set, they exhibit utmost comfort and style. Pyjama styles evolved through the years and nowadays pyjamas have become funky with prints, colors, and patterns.



Sleep shirt

Sleep shirts may be understood as over-sized t- shirts. Soft and simple, they promise you great comfort while you sleep luxuriously. They are usually made of cottons to promise breathability. However, silks, satins, flannels are all there for you, to choose from.



Chemises are short A-line nightgowns that reach about mid-thigh. They are sleeveless and loose fitting but are also very feminine. They are like a baby doll top that is a little tighter in the hips.