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What to Wear on your Summer Getaway?

It’s a well-known fact that looking great makes you feel great, and when you’re on vacation making memories and taking photos you need to look your best! If you’re in need of some summer holiday style inspiration, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite summer trends to share with you. This summer is all about classic patterns, new textures, experimenting with new silhouettes, and a slow transition from boho chic to prairie simplicity.

One of our favorite things about fashion is the freedom of creative and expression it gives each and every person to choose and compose an outfit to suit their unique personality- to create your style every day. It’s that thing that makes you say to a friend, “That is totally YOU.” We are all unique in our own way with different stories to tell with our clothes. Be trendy, be unique, and be YOU with these summer 2016 top picks! When shopping for your summer getaway, definitely keep these in mind!

Bright Bold Stripes

Summer is all about bright and cheery colors, and what better way to make them stand out than with contrasting stripes! Stripes are a fun, classic look that goes a long way. Chunky stripes are eye-catching, bold, and give that dreamy vintage feel- perfect for standing out and looking fabulous in your holiday photos.




When it’s hot outside, a nice breeze ruffling through your ruffles is always a refreshing reminder that life is good! The types of ruffles we’ll be seeing a lot of this summer are a new take on a trend that’s been around for a few seasons. They’re girlier, softer, and slightly more formal than the sporty, fun ones we’ve seen in past seasons.




Add decor to your standard necklines! Tassels are a fun and trendy way to add a different texture, movement and a funky feel to your look. Whether added on the body of the garment or on the bottom hemline, a contrasting color or blending in, they always add a fun, fresh, neo-bohemian feel to your look. Check out how they’ve spiced up this gorgeous look!



Off the-Shoulder

Seen in Renaissance and 19th century Victorian styles as well as South and Central American colonial-traditional dress, the off-the-shoulder look has been around for centuries in many forms. When found in bright-colored and lightweight tops, dresses and jumpsuits it takes on a fun, flirty summer vacation feel.



The Cold Shoulder

Love wearing off-the-shoulder tops but hate having to adjust them all the time? The cold shoulder look has all the fun flirtiness of the off shoulder look with much less adjusting! Find this look in summery tops and dresses in different fabrics, prints and styles at Max, and be sure to pack a few for your summer holiday!



Embroidery like this is a strong summer trend for 2016, and can be found in everything from cardigans to summery tops and dresses. Embroidery adds color, texture, and a bit of a handmade touch to any piece! With influences from around the world, they’ll definitely go along with the summer holiday theme you’ve got going in your suitcase.



So now that you know the best trends of the season, it’s time to get shopping! Wishing you safe travels on your summer holiday trips. Don’t forget to tag us in your stylin’ social media posts with the hashtag #MaxFashionMENA!