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Some Tropical Inspirations For Your Summer Vacay!

As the heat rises and the temperatures increase, we all start counting the days until we take our vacation and jet off to an island or to some distant place where we can enjoy our time.


However, whipping out the suitcase might not always be an easy task especially if we’re still confused about the locale of the vacation.


For this reason, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous tropical outfit inspirations that’ll help you out and that’ll save you any trouble you might encounter when packing!



Here are a few tips when packing for a trip:


Always go for breezy fabrics similar to this light colorful maxi dress and don’t forget to pack with it a light shrug! You might need it on a cool breezy evening!


Colorful tropical dresses are also a must have when going for a vacation. They’re comfortable, flowing and stylish! 



Also don’t forget to take with you your swimsuit! You’ll definitely get some time to chill by the pool or at the beach!


To ensure that you have a variety of “outfit of the day” looks, pack with you a number of t-shirts that you can mix and match with shorts according to your preferred style. You could always replace t-shirts with vests; they’re the trend this season.



And knowing that kids will always want to play and enjoy the sun, make sure you pack what’s comfortable for them and always keep in mind that nothing beats cool t-shirts, shorts and sandals.



No matter where you might be going to this summer, make sure you leave as much black at home as you can!


Embrace the tropical prints and the joyful colors and don’t forget to share with us the styles you choose using #MyMaxStyle.