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So many shoes, and only two feet!

Pumps, sandals, boots, booties... Sometimes it is very difficult not to get lost in the variety of women’s shoes out there.


That is why we created a guide to different types and styles of women’s shoes with some clever tips on how to wear them. Now you’ll know everything about footwear designs!



A light type of footwear with an open heel and instep.



Ankle boots

Shoes that cover the ankle.




Shoes with a closed heel and an open ankle.



Ankle heels

High heeled shoes, similar to pumps or ankle boots.



How to wear them?

  • Down coats and jackets of mid-thigh length and short leather jackets.
  • Knee-length dresses and skirts.
  • Skinny jeans and leggings.
  • Miniskirts and mini dresses, as well as shorts paired with opaque tights.


Lace up high top boots

These are ankle-high leather boots with suede or leather uppers, flat soles and open lacing.



How to wear?

  • Casual jeans or pants.
  • A cozy sweater or cardigan.
  • A lightweight loose-fit jacket or a straight-cut coat.
  • Dresses and skirts of any length.



Open-toed sandals that consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a y-shaped strap or thong that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot.



How to wear?

  • Light summer dresses, long skirts, any skirt or dress except maxis
  • Shorts.
  • Jeans, capri pants, skinny jeans.


Buckle strap sandals

Shoes featuring a suede or leather upper with an open toe and two or three buckle-adjustable straps. Sometimes the straps are joined together.



How to wear?

  • Light chiffon dresses.
  • All kinds of shorts including denim ones.


UGG boots

Loose-fit flat boots.



How to wear?

  • Loose-cut coat or poncho.
  • Short fur coat.
  • Sports jacket.
  • Down coat or short sheepskin coat.
  • Voluminous fur coat.



Shoes with rounded toes that have no laces or buckles.



How to wear?

  • Skirts of any length.
  • Ankle-length pants, shorts or jeans.
  • Long knit cardigans and knit sweater dresses.


Flat shoes

Any type of close-heeled shoes that cover the instep.



How to wear?

  • Skinny pants and jeans.
  • Knee-length dresses and business suits.
  • Pencil skirts.
  • Just-above-the-knee dresses or skirts.
  • Shorts.
  • Cropped pants and skinny jeans.



Flat shoes with rounded toes that have no buckles.



How to wear?

  • Jeans, cropped pants, capri pants and shorts.
  • Shirts, t-shirt, tunic, polo shirt or crop top.
  • Blazer, trench coat or cardigan.


Oxford shoes

Classic lace-up shoes with a rounded toe cap which are characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are attached under the vamp.



How to wear?

  • Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or ankle pants.
  • A short dress or skirt.


Slip-on shoes

Flat or low-heeled shoes covering half of the instep.



How to wear?

  • Cropped skinny pants in a bright color.
  • Shorts.
  • Miniskirts.
  • Cigarette pants paired with an oversized sweater.
  • Playful denim skirts.


Ballet flats

Flat shoes with an open instep and a rounded toe cap.



How to wear?

  • Shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Any jeans.
  • Any dresses or summer dresses.
  • Skirts.
  • Business suit.



Flat light canvas shoes or sandals with a plaited flexible sole made or jute.



How to wear?

  • Cropped pants, overalls, bright tunics or shorts.
  • Lightweight summer dresses.
  • Long skirts and floppy hats.
  • Sailor outfits.


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