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Making of Max’s Social Experiment

Max was curious to see what happens when high street fashion meets  an everyday mother. 
This video showcases a day in the life of a 'real’ woman, who goes about her  routine tasks dressed as a fashionista. Her utter discomfort in the outfit is captured as she goes about her day, the results? Pretty entertaining!
When she first found out she was going to be wearing a designer outfit and looking like a model she was excited. She did not, however, expect that she would have to go about the rest of her day in an outfit meant to be worn in a fashion show. 
Coffee with friends provoked a few giggles, and when she picked up her son from school- you know how kids are- eyes stared and jaws dropped wide open. At the grocery store other moms was surprised, and chasing after her son was quite the struggle in those heels. Her strategically placed jacket wouldn’t stay on her shoulders when pulled by her son and when loading groceries into her car, and she was constantly struggling with her very impractical hat. 
Everything changed when she went out,  Abrar recalls. She felt strange. She didn’t feel natural. She didn’t feel like herself. Even her own son hardly recognized her when she went to pick him up from school! She felt like she had lost her personality.
Finally at home and dressed casually in Max clothes, she feels more natural, more cozy, and even more fashionable, because for Abrar fashion is what makes her feel comfortable. 
Real people need clothes that allow them to move freely, to worry less, to have the freedom to play with their kids in the park, and to focus on what really matters while also looking great. Max creates fashion for us. Max makes fashion for real people. 
CLICK HERE check out our social experiment video filmed by Digital Emmy Award Winning Director, Amin Dora. 
Stay tuned for our new brand TVC that echoes the same sentiment of Fashion For Real People , along with a BIG announcement!