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How to wear jeans and denim this spring

Jeans and denim have been enjoying quite a moment for the past few seasons, and the trend continues this spring with fashion-forward new takes on the classic. We’ve got some pointers on how you can continue to keep it fresh in the coming months.


Denim outfits for spring


1. Get the fit of your jeans right

Those fitness resolutions you made earlier in the year should be paying off big time by now, so flaunt those jeggings and skinnies. If you’re still carrying a little weight around your midsection, high waisted jeans and jeggings are your best friend as they work to hold the extra flesh in. But If you’re feeling particularly confident that your abs rock, try mid-waist jeans. Girls can pair theirs with heels to elongate the leg.


Skinny white jeggings


2. Wear everything denim

If you don’t feel in the mood for jeans after living in them all winter, try a denim dress instead. Guys will look crisp and fresh in a denim shirt. Pick pale blues for day and darker ones for when you’re out about town. Or you can flip it, there are no rules when it comes to denim!


Denim dress


3. A denim jacket goes with anything 

This holds good for both men and women. Guys give off that brooding James Dean vibe in jeans, white tee and denim jacket, while for ladies, the options are limitless. Got a silk dress that’s so extra? A floral dress that’s a bit too feminine for your taste? Add an edge with a denim jacket. Fitted, full-sleeved ones are always in vogue, but oversized ones are trending now. Our favourite hack? Borrow your partner’s or dad’s!


Men's denim jacket



4. Try a little bling or keep it raw

Get experimental! Side taped jeans, especially these with glitter are perfect for going out with the girls. Pair it with a simple white tee and long, statement earrings. If you like the ripped jeans look but don’t want to go cray-cray with it, try raw hem jeans instead. Ripped jeans are best for weekends, but if you’re in a creative profession or in an office with a relaxed dress code, do wear them to work. You could go for less in your face jeans with rips on the knee.


Head to to denim


5. Play with colour

Okay, so this tip is not new, but it still works in 2019. While the early 2010s saw us breaking out the mint, red or yellow jeans, it’s a lot more sober right now. Classic indigos still rule, but white, black, grey, blush and pale washes are super popular too. Light hues are especially great for spring.


What we love about denim is that it works for every skin tone and body type. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and either way, it gives you major fashion points. So go forth and denim now!