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How to style around Movember mustache?

How’s your mustache coming along? With movember blooming, we bet you’re spotting some pretty nice facial hair by now.


Yet, while there’s no doubt you’re looking good and promoting a great cause, it can be tough finding clothes that don’t make you look like a farmer.


So, what exactly should you wear with your new facial hair? We’ve got some suggestions.



Be your confident and cool self with a full-sleeved knit blazer. As long as it hugs your body, shows some of your shirt’s cuff, and the pants slightly touch the top of your shoe, you’re golden. You probably have a few hanging in your closet already.



Plaid Shirts

Plaid is pretty popular these days. Combining great design with a dash of style, this smart shirt adds to your cool personality.




It’s cold out now, which means sweaters are key. When choosing a sweater, make sure it’s not too loose or worn, in order to avoid coming across as lazy.



Layering Tops

Give your wardrobe some warmth and stylish touch with a cool V-neck sleeveless sweater. Layering it over a plaid shirt will give you a seasonal, polished look that's sure to impress.



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