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How to look your absolute best in plus-size items!

Being overweight doesn't really mean that you can never look fabulous! All you need is some plus-size fashion advices and styling tricks that will help you look your best no matter your body shape.


Knowing the basics is essential to emphasize or hide certain areas of your body. Colors cuts and patterns are the basics.


Usually, dark colors hide while bright or light colors highlight. For this reason, if you like your waist, you can always wear a light belt over a dark-colored shirt and if you wish to hide your bottom half, opt for dark-colored pants and wear a lighter top.



Patterns also play a great role when choosing what to wear. Big patterns tend to make you look bigger while smaller patterns make you look smaller.


When choosing striped styles, try to avoid horizontal stripes unless you want to enhance a certain area; for example, your bustline and always wear gathered fabric on areas you want to make look smaller.


If you tend to carry your weight in your hips and legs you can never go wrong with an A-line skirt, it brings out the beauty in your body shape. 


As for pants, always have a pair of well-fitting jeans. Whether skinny or straight, a dark wash will look great on you.



On the other hand, if you carry your weight around your stomach and shoulders, choose shaped T-shirts and dresses and always opt for full-length cardigans and jackets.


Accessories can always add some style to your look and they make your wardrobe more versatile. 



Wear some bold jewelry along with a big bag. This will help you look smaller.


Chunky bangles will make your wrist appear slender and long dangly earrings elongate your neck.


Identifying and understanding your shape is about knowing what works for the largest and smallest parts of your body. Think of shape identification and shop the best items from Max! Share with us your plus-size style using #MyMaxStyle