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How To Flaunt Floral Prints

Every year around this time, floral prints start to emerge on the fashion scene. They are a great incarnation of this feminine spring style, and lucky for us, they're super trendy!


Whether you choose a floral print dress, leggings, or a pretty floral top, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flower power to your spring look. We bring you some styling tips and ideas on how to wear floral prints this spring.


From head to toe

Wear floral from head-to-toe. With this look you will surely make a strong fashion statement. Try wearing jumpsuit with floral print or maxi dress. Both of which are perfect for effortless and bohemian style.




Make a statement with one outfit piece such as a jacket with floral prints which you can easily pair with more basic wardrobe pieces.



Skirts and pants

Floral bottoms and skirts are playful, and can look very fashionable when paired with a top in an accent color that you pick out of the print. Self-conscious about your lower half? Pair flowered bottoms with a long tunic or flowing top that falls mid-thigh or flows down your back.




Flowered tops don’t only look great on stick figure models and movie stars with professional stylists, but also on you. Just be aware that if you are tiny, large prints may overwhelm you, and if you are big, tiny prints may make you look bigger.




Not ready to make a statement with bold prints? Floral accents are just the remedy. A beautiful scarf draped lightly around your neck or hanging straight down over a neutral outfit can add enough flowers to be flirty and fun! Floral jewelry or hair accents over anything you like to wear always add a tropical flair to any outfit!



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