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How to dress for a job interview

In job interviews, first impressions are as much important as your resume. You only have a few seconds to make the right first impression, and believe me the clothes you are wearing play a key role in the success or failure of your interview.


If your are lost in your wardrobe don’t worry. Follow some simple rules and you will walk into that interview with confidence and style!


Here are some suggestions for what to wear to a job interview.


Dress for a professional environment:

If you're interviewing for a job in a professional environment or any traditional office, it's important to look professional and fitting in with the people in the company. If you show up dressed too casual you will look like you don't know how to follow directions. Here are some tips:


·         For men, professional attire includes a suit, long-sleeved shirt, a tie and formal shoes.


·         For women, professional attire includes a suit with pants, a suit with a skirt, high heel formal shoes and a classy handbag.


Dress for a business casual environment:

Business casual falls between professional and casual dress, required for jobs that include working in a site or in a laboratory, construction site, etc. Here are some tips for such a businessl environment:


·         For men, pants and long-sleeved shirts or sweaters are appropriate with smart casual shoes.


·         For women, pants or skirts with shirts or cardigans are appropriate, paired with sandals or flat ballerinas.


Dress for a casual environment: 

Some work environments, such as startups have more casual dressing code. You can know the environment by going through the company's website to check its type. Here are some tips:


·         For men, a pair of pants and a nice button-down short sleeved shirt and a casual pair of shoes will do great.


·         For women, a nice top with a simple knee-length skirt, paired with sandals or flat shoes will work.


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