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Gift Ideas for Dad!

I think we can all agree that dads are the best. They held us as babies when our moms were tired, they’re tough, sweet and caring. They also spoil us when mom’s not looking. Our dads have known us our entire lives- flaws and all- and still love us unconditionally. Our dads are the ones who teach us how to play, how to drive, how to have fun and when to be serious, how to treat other people and the difference between left and right and right and wrong. But how often do we get the chance to show them how much we love and appreciate them?

When Father’s Day rolls around once a year we finally get an excuse. And since it only comes every 365 days, let’s make sure it counts! The #1 thing all dads want for Father’s Day is always to spend time with his children. What is #2, you ask? Something from Max!

For gift inspiration for Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gift ideas for dads. Check it out!

For the dad who loves to chill out

If your dad doesn’t like going out and being fuss over, for Father’s Day organize a fun day at home! Tell him not to make any plans, get lots of his favorite snacks and games, and get him a comfy pair of Max shorts. He can wear them all day! Moms won’t be able to give him a hard time about it- it’s Father’s Day! He can do what he wants.

AED 55

For the dad who loves to chill out

For the Classy Dad

Give your dad a dual gift of a classic dress shirt in his favorite color (it’s always a good idea for men to have nice dress shirts) and dinner out at his favorite restaurant! Your dad will definitely appreciate this practical and classy gift, and of course the time he gets to spend with you!

AED 55

For the classy dad

For the trendy dad

Is your dad the kind who loves to keep up with fashion? Is he always pestering you with questions about what the cool kids are wearing these days? This Father’s Day, cut your dad a little bit of slack and make him feel cool with this trendy block color polo from Max! Tell him all about the sports chic trend and that he’ll be the most stylish dad on the streets with his new Father’s Day present!

AED 44

for the trendy dad

For the Active Dad

For all the dads who love working out and playing sports, or even just the ones who talk about getting to the gym but prefer lounging in their comfy gym clothes, get them these trendy knit shorts! Great for workouts and staying home on the couch, they’re a comfy, versatile and thoughtful gift!

AED 39

For the active dad