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Flaunt Your Baby Bump with Style!

When you’re growing a tiny human inside of you, it’s not always easy to look your best. Your body is most likely not looking or feeling like you used to and your favorite clothes are getting a bit too tight!  As tempting as it may be to borrow your hubby’s t-shirts and sweatpants, wearing something that is totally stylish and totally you is guaranteed to make you glow with confidence- as you should! After all, pregnancy is a wonderful thing, and definitely something to be celebrated. And what better way to do that than to show off your baby bump with trendy (and comfy) Max maternity wear! We’re going to guide you through a few maternity must-haves and Max Fashion inspiration for looking fab while you’re expecting. 

Alright, first things first: let’s start with your basics. The Max Maternity Casual Knit Leggings are a MUST.The stretch waistband covers your bump for peace of mind, and the cozy leggings allow flexibility all over! They’re stylish, comfy and also a base to build many gorgeous outfits. And you can never go wrong with slimming black. 

floral style shirt design

Now for some tops! This sunny, stripy yellow blouse with Broderie sleeves and a Henley neck is perfect for summer baby bellies! The color, stripes and material of the T- shirt are playful and casual, while the yellow laced Broderie sleeves keep it cute, feminine, and summery. Max has tops like this in many different styles and colors, so head in today to find your favorites! 

yellow shirt max clothing

As a mom or mom-to-be, you already know how important it is to keep a shrug in your car or purse just in case it gets chilly- e all know that the weather can often  be unpredictable, especially when you head to a  movie theaters and the mall. You’ve most likely already got the kids covered, but don’t forget about yourself! This cool baby blue long-sleeved shrug is light and warm, It’s made to fit you and your precious baby bump. 

blue jacket

Dresses are essential when you’re expecting- especially when you’re pregnant during the warmer months! Drape this maternity round neck crepe dress with short sleeves and eyelet detail over your pregnant belly for a comfy and simple look! Dress it up with elegant accessories and sandals, and enjoy the soft, smooth, lightweight fabric! 

red dress
There’s more where this came from! Head into Max today or, if you’re in Dubai, shop online at and have fashion delivered to your door! 
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