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The denim guide: find your perfect fit

Shopping for jeans used to be easy. They were mostly blue or black, hey always had five pockets and they either fit or they didn't. Today it is not easy to shop for jeans at all. There are so many choices involved (color, cuts, finishes, etc.) that anyone who just wants to buy a normal pair of jeans can be driven to confusion.


Because jeans are such a clothing staple, it's crucial to find the style that works for you. This denim fit guide is here to educate you on the differences in fits, so you'll know how to buy jeans that don't just fit your inseam but your lifestyle, too.


Women’s fits


Straight: If you are a bit hesitant of skinnies but like to wear a pair of jeans that fit snugly on your body then this is the right choice. In this pattern, the legs are straight and narrow and do not go wide at the ankles. The straight leg cut balances out the hip and these jeans is a good option for curvy girls.


Skinny: Skinny fit jeans are a body contouring fit that tapers to a tight calf and small leg opening of around 10-12 inches. These pants fit slim and sleek through the ankle and are easily paired with any type of shoe and look great with both fitted and longer, looser tops. The rise on skinny fit jeans can range from low to high, offering a wide array of styles.


Super Skinny: Super skinny jeans are the trendiest, slimmest jean fit you can find. They're super fitted from your waist right through to the ankle for on-trend adventures. The great thing about super skinny jeans is that no matter how you are shaped or what your body type is, they work to elongate your silhouette by lengthening the look of your legs.


Men’s fits


Jogger: The Look of denim and comfort of jogging tracks, MAX provides a stylish collection of jogger denims for men. For super casual denim that has effortless style, look no further than our joggers. With an elastic waistband, drop crotch and cuffed ankles, this style perfects a laidback look with ease.


Straight: Straight-leg jeans are the most common cut you'll find. Neither tapered nor excessively loose, this conservative style is ideal for those who want their jeans to be simple and classic. Straight from the waist to the hem, the straight leg jean is easy-wearing and versatile. A pair of straight leg jeans is a smart pick for an active day out or exciting evenings. They accentuate your look and style, while keeping you comfortable all day long.


Slim: Slim is in! Not too tight, not too loose. Generally mid-rise with a zip fly. Straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening. For those who want the hipster style of skinny jeans but don't make the cut weight-wise, there are slim-fit jeans. This cut of jean is tapered in a similar style to skinny jeans but not to the form-fitting extreme. With slim-fit jeans, you get the best of both worlds: fashion-forward looks and comfort.


Skinny: Skinny jeans are a risky bet for many men, but they have the potential to look hip on the right guy. The skinny jeans club is fairly exclusive, as this ultra-tight fitting cut can make average-to-heavy body types look even larger. This cut should be reserved for the twiggy body shape, which allows skinny jeans to flatter a thin figure. Try this cut with a trendy vintage shoe or a fashionable sneaker to complete the look.


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