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Caravan adventure: 5 inspirational outfits.

Caravan adventure: 5 inspirational outfits.

To all the new Max mommas out here, if you’re excited for your child’s shopping spree, The Caravan Adventures collection is here to cater to that need!

A new collection by Max dedicated to all kids with an adventurous lifestyle. And to all the mums who want their kids to be dressed in a comfortable yet trendy manner.

Here are 5 easy and trendy outfits perfect for your adventurous child


1. Aztec printed dress :

If your little one loves exploring & getting her hands dirty , then this cute printed dress is the one for her , starting from the cotton blend fabric, the Colorful Aztec print that screams joy , and the convenient design that allows for a one step dressing process . All these qualities Makes it a must have to every mother and child.  

Aztec printed dress


2. Boys in denim

Your teen boy is growing into a man, and with all the changes he’s going through, his wardrobe needs a change too. Every boy must have a denim piece in his wardrobe, just like this denim shirt that can be worked around differently for a new outfit every time. Styled with caramel brown shorts for a twist of color to complete the casual cool look.


Boys in denim


3. Embroidery & Tassels :

Your sunshine deserves to glow, Dress her in the latest trends – embroidery and tassels. Match this vibrant top with cute denim shorts to complete her look.


Embroidery and Tassels


4. Playful in red:

For a playdate with friends, adorn him in this adorable red and beige set that is of soft cotton fabric for him to move freely and smoothly around the playground.

Get inspired by our Caravan Adventure and loosen your guards by allowing him to play, fall, and rise independently. Watch him learn how to stands on his own and enjoy the proud moment.


Playfull red shirt for boys



5. The little fashionista :

With a variety of fun & colorful pieces, pick this stunning blue dress with ruffled shoulders to add more personality to her look.

Fashionista dress for girls


The Caravan Adventure is more than just a collection, its pieces are designed to color your child’s wardrobe and reflect their personalities.


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